Covid 19 Update

As of Monday 17th May 2021 The latest “New Normal” Please read carefully before visiting us!

Steve and Allyson Marlow are delighted to be able to reopen our doors, and welcome you back to The Parson Woodforde as of midday on Monday 17th May 2021.

We shall continue, as always, to protect the safety and wellbeing of our staff and our guests – and alongside our existing hygiene compliance, continue to apply procedures which we shall be asking all of our staff, and all of you, to follow, when visiting our business.

Below we have outlined some of the measures we shall employ to achieve this. Thorough training has been undertaken by all staff to ensure that as a business we are Covid 19 secure.

At the time of typing, in April, the restrictions from 17th May onwards have not yet been confirmed by the government, so we guesstimate that the following will still be applied by ourselves, and will update this when we know for sure: although we shall remain socially distanced, and you will see PPE in use, masks needed when on your feet, not when on your seat, until the government announces any lifting of restrictions, we hope our traditionally warm and welcoming hospitality will continue to attract you as before, and that if things take a little bit longer, or we try your patience whilst we navigate the safest routes through service, you will understand – and be kind to us and to each other, as we all learn how best to be patient, in order to enjoy being back out in the world, sharing delicious food with fab friends and family, and fun times once again!

  • Before arriving at the pub – if you know you feel unwell, or have a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 Fahrenfeit) or higher, or persistent dry cough, or loss of taste or smell, please turn around and go home. Do not attempt to approach staff or access the building
  • On arrival access to service will only be permitted via the front door and only once the host has verified your temperature is less than 38 degrees Celsius, as well as your name and contact phone number for your reservation.                                                                     As per 2021 regulations for hospitality, to assist Test and Trace, we must hold for 21 days the name and contact detail for every person aged 16+ to whom we permit entry to the premises, so please understand that the booking process may take a little longer on the phone or by email, than in 2020.                                                                                                                     Alternatively, guests may check in with the NHS app, by scanning the QR code at the front door – this option requires that you show your host the successful check in screen on your phone, before we seat you.                                                                                                      Hand sanitiser is provided for you to use at the entrance.                                                                                                                                    Please note that whilst the rear car park is operational, you will need to walk back up the drive to the front door for entry, since            the rear doors are exit only
  • Only a maximum of 6 people from mixed households may have a table inside or outside, unless they comprise just two households, in which case a larger table size is permitted. That larger group of two households may of course include each a support bubble to another solo adult householder or for another adult and that adult’s children, providing those children were aged under 18 on 12th June 2020.
  • All guests must order and pay via table service – they must remain seated other than for socially distanced use of toilet facilities during their visit

We do take bookings for outside tables, but have no outdoor cover or heating, so you must accept that if you request an outside table and conditions become inclement during your visit, although we will be doing our utmost to provide seating for your party indoors, socially distanced as required,  there is no guarantee of this at busy times – we simply may not have the space, in which case you either choose to stay outside under a parasol, or leave – no refunds will be given.

  • The host will allocate your seating – please do not move furniture, it has been positioned for social distancing and to suit the seating plan for the day – we will aim to use every other table as and where appropriate to the service flow, and where dimensions of the rooms require it
  • Please observe social distancing and our signage during your visit – avoid handshaking and close contact with others, keep left and face away from people you need to pass, keep children seated at all times and supervise their toilet visits
  • Do make use of our hand sanitiser points on arrival and throughout your visit – we aim to provide the safest possible experience for you, and ask you to accept table service – no going up to the bar – contactless payments wherever possible are much appreciated – thank you!

Accommodation – Reservations and Check In

We have adapted our reservation, arrival, check in, duration of guest stays, and check out process to best protect your safety and ours

  • We ask where possible that you make contactless payments, with prepayment for your stay, prior to arrival – this is not mandatory, just a request, in order to limit the time spent checking in on arrival
  • Similarly, if you would like a table reservation for dining, please where possible, request it at time of booking your accommodation, or feel free to telephone or email us prior to your stay, and we can answer any questions you may have, about how we shall look after your visit
  • Arrivals – a hand sanitiser station and a socially distanced queuing area are in place at the front entrance, and your access will be via the front door, where a host will ask for your booking details and take your temperature. Please know that in the unlikely event that you register at 38 degrees Celsius or above, that will sadly mean that we are unable to admit you to the building or allow you to stay, so if you feel unwell in anyway prior to leaving home, please do not travel, and if you become unwell during your journey to us please do not approach staff in person, as we simply shall not be able to honour your booking. Contact us by telephone or email and you will not be charged for the stay
  • We ask that guests when moving around the premises, adhere to social distancing measures. In hallways where you may not be able to abide by this, for example if needing to crossover with staff or guests on the stairs or landing, it would be safer to stand facing away until they have passed by


We have amended our guest room cleaning procedures to further increase our attention to sanitisation, and to eliminate as many risks as possible, so that staff can work safely, and so that you can enjoy, as usual, the relaxing high standard of stay that you have come to expect from us

  • We are applying extra time and attention to all contact and touch points within our guest rooms and communal areas
  • We continue to support the use of a professional, long established, hospitality industry laundry service, for all guest bedroom linen and towels, so that we can guarantee their freshness, safety and hygiene levels at all times
  • If you would like extra pillows or bed throws, please ask a member of staff, and we will bring them to your door on request, but for now these non everyday items have been removed from the guestrooms, including paper guides and bibles – again, please just ask if required
  • To limit contact and potential unwitting transmission of the virus, rooms will not be serviced during stays of three nights or less – additional guest supplies are of course available, again just ask a staff member


We know you have missed dining at The Parson Woodforde, and we have missed you all too! We are delighted to be able to reopen and provide you with the new normal, and our staff are a jolly bunch who are keen to welcome old friends and new, but of course we must apply some measures to ensure we look after you and ourselves safely.

  • We will comply with the government guidance on the number of guests allowed at one table/within a group, which as of Monday 17th May 2021 we expect to be as outlined above, but will update when it is confirmed, and we are adhering to social distancing by not using every other table in zones where the room dimensions make this necessary
  • We are increasing ventilation within the pub, by opening windows and doors, and we are blessed with lovely large al fresco dining opportunities on our terrace and lawn, which is a great help, weather permitting (we do not have any outside poor weather cover)
  • Table service is mandatory in all areas to avoid queues at the bar or in walkways and at till points – cashless payments will help enormously please
  • You will see staff wearing PPE, and screens in use at till points and food service areas, for your peace of mind and ours, and of course condiments and menus will be disposable – please allow us time to fully sanitise and set your table prior to your use

With your help, we can all enjoy The Parson Woodforde again, and so we look forward to the future and thank you in advance for your support and co-operation while we implement these changes.

For those that require a copy of the Covid risk assessment, please use the Contact Us page to request one and the pdf will be emailed to you.